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Adam Makalani Kasali was born in Chicago and grew up in Indonesia, New Zealand, and The United States. He is based in New York City after earning his BFA degree in Photography from the School of Visual Arts (SVA).


He has a background in documentary photography and experimental photography. Adam has worked in these field in Jakarta, Indonesia and currently is assisting for a New York based artist, Nancy Burson. He has also worked as an internship in Kompas, one of the largest daily newspaper corporations in Indonesia where he risked his life to take photographs.


Currently working on designing his first book about a rocket launch that he documented in French Guiana last summer and will be published this year in Indonesia. He also explores the art world as he moved to New York. His experimental work uses an organic material such as an artist’s bodily fluids to represent his olfactory response to the smell of New York City.

Adam Makalani Kasali

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